About Sinaxia

We are a privately-held investment company founded as a specialist in cross-border transactions

Our Philosophy

  • We partner with leading entrepreneurs, corporations and institutions which bring strategic value to our platform
  • We rely on our team’s local knowledge, track-record and network to identify unique opportunities
  • We work closely with companies to create and develop plans allocating our most talented and sector-focused people
  • We operate in select emerging and developed markets where we have privileged access and execution capabilities
  • We strongly believe in curated, long-term relationships with partners whom we are aligned in both interest and vision

Our Focus

We search for companies with plans which we can help develop, both with capital and operational intervention, all along maintaining a flexible and long-term approach

What we look for

  • Companies with, and looking to expand on, credible and well-thought-out cross-border growth strategies
  • Operational synergies between target companies and those of Sinaxia or its partners, leading to increased scale or other value added strategies
  • Distribution and market synergies between target companies and those of Sinaxia or its partners
  • Fit with managers and/or entrepreneurs, who are typically embarked in capital intensive long-term expansion plans
  • Need for hands-on cross-cultural change management to drive value creation

Our Approach

We are committed to the long-term success of a project, from the inception through the full realization of the strategy

  • Effective – quick but rigorous – decision-making process
  • Local teams to support international growth
  • Extended time horizon allowing for interest alignment with both partners and target companies:
    • Business development and growth strategies
    • Implementation on transitional plans and governance best practices
    • Bridging cultural gaps among stakeholders
    • Laying the foundations for future capital growth

The Team

We are an agile and diverse Team of professional based in both Europe and Asia, bridging financial expertise, operational capability and cross-cultural awareness

The team has extensive experience and complementary skills in transaction execution, business management and corporate restructuring, supported by a board of senior professionals bringing C-suite industry and business knowledge

investment team

Our Investment Professionals rely on a proven track record in the private equity, investment banking and consultancy sectors as well as in entrepreneurial projects across various industries

operations team

Our Operating Partners are senior executives with extensive experience in managing and growing businesses during challenging cross-cultural transitions

Our Values

Our consistent and focused approach is driven by our core values


We devote much of our time to analysing and developing strategies to neutralize downside risks associated with cross-border investment opportunities.


We believe that long-term sustained focus on a strategy and geography is critical to a successful investment. Such an approach is shared by all team members and is what we expect to find in our partners.


The independence and transparency of our management team are the primary source of value for companies and are a strong foundation on which to build long-term relationship.


We invest a significant amount of our time and resources to develop original views of economic events and sourcing correlated business opportunities.


We support companies throughout the value creation process, working with managers, stakeholders and institutions.


European Headquarter
Piazza San Giorgio, 2
20123 - Milan, Italy
T: (39) 02.94755139
M: info@sinaxia.eu

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